Cutting and Styling Tips for Curly Hair

The biggest mistake, people make when cutting for curly hair is beginning the service with a nice rough shampoo. Nothing frizzes or fluffs up curls more than a good sudsing. Using conditioner like shampoo will do the trick and you won’t have to worry about roughing up that sensitive cuticle. Explain to them that dirt and oil will adhere to the conditioner and rinse out leaving you feeling clean but without the glassy feeling that shampoo can leave behind.

Curly hair needs layers to move. Cut vertical layers and then go back in, cutting individual curls to break it up and give the hair some movement. This technique breaks up the layering so the hair doesn’t have any strong or hard lines in it.

Nothing destroys curly hair more than too much texturizing. Curly hair needs weight removed from its bulk, but the weight should never be removed from the ends. Curly hair needs the ends to be heavy so the curl can take shape. When you over-texturize curly hair, you disturb the curl pattern and end up with frizz.

When cutting for curly hair, always remember that the length will shrink up more than expected. Explain exactly how much length you will be removing and always err on the side of less is more.

Curly hair frizzes up when the curl pattern is disturbed, so why would you style curly hair after it has been cut and combed without reshaping the curl pattern first? The easiest way to reshape the curl is by rewetting the hair. Once you’ve wet them down, put down that comb! We’ll be using our fingers from here on out.

Products companies target curly haired people by playing on the fact that they’re desperate to find something that works. They know we’ll try anything if it promises to banish frizz, but often times you just end up with too many products.

By leaving a regular conditioner in the hair, the water can evaporate but the conditioner doesn’t, leaving you with perfectly defined and fizz-free curls. The secret to drying curly hair without frizz is to keep your hands off of it until the hair is completely dry. That means no scooping the hair up into the diffuser or scrunching it with your hands.

Once the hair is at least 80% dry, you can go in and shake out the hair to release the curl and give it some volume.

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