Don’t Make These Common Blow-Drying Mistakes

A good styling product is key to the perfect blowout. A volumizer spray adds body to fine, limp hair, while women with thick, curly hair need to keep the frizzies at bay with a leave-in conditioner.

Let hair air dry. This is great for warm days or long, lush weekends when you have nowhere to be for a few hours. For bouncy hair, apply a volumizing spray and then finger comb hair and then let it air dry. For smooth hair, comb hair and pull it off your head with a bandana.

A really good ionic blow dryer is the key to drying hair faster. A hairdryer, like a good mattress, is an investment that’s worth every penny you spend. A great ionic dryer not only dries hair much faster, but it will last years and years.

Unless you have super fine thin hair that dries in minutes, you should section your hair before drying. Sectioning hair may seem like it adds extra time to a blow dry, but it actually saves time because you’re not drying the same hair over and over again.

If you are not into sectioning hair, you can shave off minutes from your drying time by blow drying the bottom layers of hair first. It’s faster to dry hair from underneath — starting from the top means you’ll re-wet hair as you comb through to the bottom layers, in effect wasting precious drying time.

The best way to blow dry hair is to separate hair with a clip and dry in sections. Once the underside of your hair is dry, you can finish off the top layers.

The secret to the perfect blowout is to start with your fingers. Pull your fingers through hair starting at the roots and shoot the heat at the roots while holding the hair taut.

There are different brushes to use to get the results you want, but the key is to find one that has a mix of nylon and boar bristles.

Hold hair taut as you blow-dry so the cuticles stay smooth. Make sure not to blast heat in one spot too long, it’s important to keep the dryer moving or you could overheat your hair. If you’re prone to frizzies, a finishing cream can help keep the cuticle smooth.

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