Get the Perfect Blowout at Home

One of the secrets to a good blowout is the tools you use. For the best results, you’ll want to use a quality blow-dryer that is at least 1800 watts, though one over 2000 watts is going to work better for thick hair. Additionally, a dryer with heat and speed control is always preferred. Your brush choice is just as important and can determine your style. If you’re going for some curl, choose a round barrel brush that matches the size of curls you want. For sleek, straight hair, pick up a flat paddle brush and be sure your dryer has a nozzle attachment.

If you have dry hair, condition it in the shower. If you have fine hair, condition only the ends. To keep your blowout intact for several days, make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly after washing it to get out any conditioner residue.

A good styling product is one of the main keys to the perfect blowout. It adds body to fine, limp hair, and is essential for keeping frizzies at bay with thick, curly hair.

You have a couple options when it’s time to pre-dry your hair. Your ultimate goal is to get your hair 75 to 80 percent dry. One of the secrets to the salon blowout is that your stylist stands behind you so she can get the blow dryer at the perfect angle. This is a little trickier when you’re working on your own head, so you’ll have to play around with it until you find what works. Many stylists recommend sitting down so your arms have some support and don’t get tired out before you’re done.

The other blowout secret you need to remember is to keep your hair as taut as possible as you work.

When you hold your hair tight with the brush and get the dryer at the right angle, you’re two steps closer to perfecting this technique.

Keeping those two tricks in mind, it’s time to actually begin the blowout. Stylists always start with their fingers to get at the roots. Starting at the roots, pull your fingers through your hair. Pull hair out a few inches and hold it while using the dryer to shoot air at the crown on down.

Your roots are dry, it’s time to move on to the brush of your choice: the barrel for curls or the paddle for straight hair. Pull the brush through your hair as you blow-dry. Follow the brush closely with the nozzle and keep pointing it down onto the hair.

The last step of each section is to pull your hair taut with the brush and blast it with cool air from your dryer. Continue through all sections and finish with a serum for a blowout that looks like you just left the salon.

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