How to Avoid Ingrown Pubic Hairs

Ingrown pubic hairs are extremely common because the hair in the bikini zone is thicker and curly. When this happens, it means that there’s more chance of hair growing back into the skin.

The first step toward flawless skin is to shave correctly. Using a razor often creates a sharp edge, which makes the hair easier to pierce and point into the skin. To prevent ingrown hair, prime your pubic area before shaving by washing your skin with a mild soap, rubbing a shave cream or gel on, and drying the area after the shave. Ensure that your razor is single-bladed and not dull.

If waxing is more your style, you’ll want to take some precautions. Sharp edges are common with waxing because hair is often broken above or below the skin’s surface when removed. If you’re waxing at home, you’ll want to make sure that you exfoliate the area that you get waxed at least two days before your service.

If you’re neither married to the idea of shaving or waxing, you can consider using another hair removal method instead. Sugaring, for example, is a method that’s much gentler to the skin. The technique uses a paste that removes hair in the direction of growth, unlike waxing, which minimizes hair breakage.

Keeping your skin in the right condition will prevent ingrown pubic hairs, regardless of whatever hair removal method you choose to use. Regularly getting rid of dead skin cells helps keep hairs pointing up. Generally, you should exfoliate the area at least once a week. However, the number of times you should exfoliate per week depends on your skin type, other shaving products you use, how often you shave, and the season at hand.

The second thing is to moisturize frequently. Deodorant soaps, hot water, and cold weather conditions can all cause or aggravate dry skin. Make sure to use a lotion after showering so skin stays soft and pliable. When skin is soft, it’s not an easy ground for the hair to break through. Third, watch the clothes you wear. Any type of fitted clothing around your bikini zone can encourage the hair to grow back into the skin.

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