How to Blow Dry Bangs

So many women do not know how to handle their bangs. They use a big, round brush to dry them, and end up with very round, big bangs.

How to Blow Dry Bangs

Instead, you want to dry your bangs with a flat or paddle brush. The modern way to wear bangs is two-fold:

– Dry bangs with a flat brush or a paddle brush : Use your round brush on the rest of your hair if you’re dying to create body

– Ensure your blunt or side-swept bangs are not cut too short : Blunt bangs and side-swept bangs should sweep the top of your eyebrows.

When your hair is wet, dry your bangs first, then work on the rest of your hair. Always hold the blow dryer nozzle above the hair, blasting the air downward. If you use product like a volumizing spray or styling spray, don’t use too much. It will weigh hair down. Spray on hair first, then comb through.

If you only have a round brush, that’s fine. Simply use the round brush on your bangs as one would a flat brush and do not wrap the bangs around the barrel. If you do want straight bangs, blow-dry as mentioned above, but follow-up with a small flat-iron run through your bangs. Pull the iron downward from roots to your nose.

If you have an oily scalp, your bangs can look slicked and sticky within minutes. To prevent this, after drying, apply dry shampoo at the base.

You can also wash just your bangs and dry them if you want to go a day or two between washings. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair by pulling all hair but the bangs in a ponytail. Wet your bangs and massage in a small amount of shampoo. Rinse very well. Blow dry using my rules above.

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