How to Update Curtains or Drapes

How to Update Curtains or Drapes

The windows in your house or apartment are very important design elements that contribute much to the overall look and feel of your home. Besides letting in warm and flattering natural light, windows add dimension and architectural interest to your space, so the way you dress them can make or break the atmosphere you want to create in your living room, dining room or bedroom.

We often keep our old, outdated window treatments because it costs too much to replace them! Updating just one room could set you back hundreds of dollars! The good news is, if you spent a fortune on window coverings in the past, you don’t have to make another huge investment to update your look. You can make simple changes to the treatments you already have and dramatically change the whole look and feel of your room.

How to Update Curtains or Drapes 2

How to Update Curtains or Drapes

These window treatment rods could be the most perfect style out there. The black color blends with any type of decor transitional, contemporary, traditional even modern. And the antique bronze highlights give really show off the detail and make them look a lot more expensive.

Give Your Windows a Facelift

How to Update Curtains or Drapes 3

Windows are an important element of any room. They create flow, guide your furniture arrangement, and allow for the natural light and air you need to keep your space happy and healthy. But, we often overlook how window dressing is so much more than, well, window dressing, when it comes to tying a room together. If your curtains are dingy, ill-fitting, or just plain boring, it’s time to give them a makeover.

Upgrading curtains turns the natural light in a living space or bedroom into a focal point, adding that needed touch of character and interest.

Try Raise the Bar

How to Update Curtains or Drapes 4

Try Raise the Bar

Another way to update your windows is to raise the bar. Simply raising the decorative rod to an area just above the window frame will make your room look fresh and your windows appear larger. If you only need to add an inch or two to the length of your window treatments, drapery rings may be the answer. The rings slip onto the rod and are attached to the tops of your curtains or drapes with clips or pins.

You can also let down the hem at the bottom of your curtains or drapes to get the length you need. You’ll have to finish the raw edge, but it’s an easy job just a straight line on the sewing machine or a quick press with iron on hem tape.

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