Removing Gel Nail Polish at Home

On the off chance that you trust that that evacuating gel nail clean is a standout amongst the most anguishing excellence assignments another apparatus that pops the gel finish of your nails without harm. They’re called gel clean tops, and as should be obvious underneath, they’re essentially little clasps that you place over every one of your nails amid the gel evacuation process.

Usually, when taking off the polish at home, you soak a cotton ball in acetone and place it over the nail. Then, you wrap your finger in aluminum foil. The combo helps the acetone from evaporating and creates heat that also aids in removing the polish.

The nail caps take the place of the aluminum, firming securing the acetone-soaked cotton ball against your nail. After about eight to 10 minutes of soaking, un-clip the caps and your gel should peel up easily with the help of a metal removal tool. For more of a visual check out the video above.

The best part about these clips it that they’re reusable, so you’re not wasting any of the aluminum foil from your kitchen drawer.

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